New Arrivals


TTITANIUM SERIES Leather Muay Thai Pads

Feather light, Genuine Leather construction, Comfortable- ergonomic design, Built to take enormous beatings

C$ 149.00

STARK SERIES Boxing Gloves

Women's Boxing Gloves that represent you- simple, straightforward, solid. Ideal boxing gloves that protect your hands & add style to your looks.

C$ 55

Punching Paddles

BestSports Boxing Punch Paddles - to take the strain off of Coach's shoulders. Designed ergonomically for best grip; Feather light in weight and made to last long.

C$ 49.99

Kick Pads

This is an ultra light kick pad with heavy duty construction. Ideal for Kick boxing, Muay Thai, Krav Maga...

C$ 75.00

The Champions Pro Boxing Headgear

The Champion's Pro Boxing Headgear Strong imported vinyl casing.

C$ 69.99