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Signature 2.0 Boxing Gloves- Neon Orange


Signature 2.0 Boxing Gloves– Technical design, great fit and luxurious interior. One of a kind Boxing Gloves. A MUST have.

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Our Signature 2.0 Boxing Gloves are one of the best pair of entry/intermediate level Boxing gloves. Technical design, great fit and luxurious interior make Signature 2.0 the Best Boxing gloves.

Perfectly designed boxing gloves, ideal for the beginner or more experienced pugilist. Signature 2.0 Boxing gloves truly fit like a glove and are built to sustain the rigors of most intense of training. Ventilated palm for cooler hands with wrist supported by SmartStrap* closure.

Glove Casing
Thumb placement is one of the most important components in designing the best boxing glove. The casing of the glove, made with DX fabric is ergonomically designed to allow ideal thumb placement.

Glove Interior
The interior of the glove is lined with multilayered mixture of fabric and soft padding. And the fingertip section is equipped with ideal placement tabs to keep fingers snug. The soft lining coupled with fingertip pad provides perfect, luxurious experience when wearing the gloves.

The SmartStrap feature is designed to curve the otherwise flat glove padding around the back of the hand. When a fist is formed the thumb plate of the hand curves into the fist, leaving the back of the hand curved. A flat glove padding thus cannot provide the completely snug fit. The SmartStrap curves the main glove padding around the back of the hand as it should be. This feature alone makes Signature 2.0 Boxing gloves the Best Boxing Gloves.

Ventilated Palm
Anyone who has used a pair of Boxing gloves more than once is aware of the bad smell after a few days. Using handwraps to wrap hands before putting the gloves on resolves majority of this issue. A well ventilated glove helps resolving this issue further.

Ventilation mesh in the palm of these gloves allows enhanced airflow in the boxing glove causing the inside to be cooler. It also helps improved airing of the interior when gloves are not being used.

All these great features above make Signature 2.0 gloves the best boxing gloves. Whether it is Punching Bag drills, or sparring or even shadow boxing- you deserve to wear the best.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 8 × 8 in
Glove Size

12 oz, 14 oz, 16 oz


• DX synthetic leather casing offers extended durability with slick looks.
• Well-padded interior for perfect fit and comfort.
• Ventilated palm mesh keeps your hands cooler.
• Double strap for optimal wrist support.
• Best to use as Boxing Gloves, Sparring gloves or may be as Bag Gloves in MMA, Boxing, Kickboxing or any of the striking arts.

Glove Size