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Punching Bag VM 4ft – Filled


Improve your Fitness Level and Punching techniques with this bag. This 4ft punching bag is specifically useful for training stand up skills like clinching, kneeing, punching and kicking drills. It comes with strong vinyl straps with enforced stitching and rivets.

Material: Vinyl with DuraPro Lining

Weighs 80lbs approx.

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A good punching bag is a MUST have for a full body workout at home. It makes training exciting, motivating & fun. Get fit and learn to defend self. What else can give a full body, mind workout?!!

BestSports Vinyl Punching bag a.k.a Heavy Duty Boxing Bag is guaranteed to last long. Trusted by countless Martial Arts enthusiasts, it will be a perfect addition to your home for training.

The 4ft Punching Bag weighs about 75-85lbs when filled. Ideal for Boxing, Muay Thai or any other combat arts training. Comes with 1year warranty against any manufacturing defects.

Additional information

Weight 80 lbs


  • Durable synthetic leather casing lined with canvas on the inside to add to the strength.
  • Height 3.5ft with approx. 12 inches strap
  • Comes filled.
  • Strong Nylon straps attached to the body with rivets along with stitching for added durability.

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